Speaking, Webinars, and Workshops.

Speaking Engagements 

Presentations and workshops are available for Healthcare professionals, Teachers, Firemen, Policemen to name a few to establish a healthier sleep pattern and create a healthier lifestyle. Also for Colleges and Universities, medical schools, high schools, and grade schools to discuss better sleep for improving one’s memory to obtain better grades. 

Corporations, employers and employees wanting to improve their productivity, lifestyle and health are encouraged to invite Kristina as a Speaker for their organization tailored to their specific needs. 

Sports teams and athletics can reach out to Kristina to deliver a high impact informative presentation on getting the maximum physical and mental recovery out of it. 

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The Good Sleep Educational Webinar Series

1 hour per week for 4 weeks informative interactive sessions with others from all over the globe via phone at different times offered   throughout the year. Just think: learning while you are in the comfort of your own home in your pajamas!

Topics of discussion are: 

  1. Why is Sleep important in our Lives?
  2. Power of Sleep for living Longer and Healthier 
  3. Sleep and Relationships/Intimacy 
  4. Ways to Sleep Like a Queen ; What to do; What Not to do 

If one cannot make the live session it will be available through a recording the next day.